How Often Should You Clean Your Gun? [Answered]

If you have one or more firearms in your possession, then it’s very crucial to know how and when to clean it. Like every other complex machinery, firearms need to be cleaned after a certain amount of time, to work smoothly.

Well, the answer isn’t actually that straightforward. For most of the part, it depends on how often you use your gun or where you live. The answer can also depend on the type of your firearm, ammunition and the purpose you’re using it for.

But if you don’t clean your gun, then you might be speeding up its farewell.

In ideal cases, you should clean your gun after every shooting session. Also, deep cleaning is required depending on how regularly you use it.

So, are you eager to know more about How Often Should You Clean Your Gun? Then read this article, and stay tuned till the end!

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How Often Should You Clean Your Gun?

How Often Should You Clean Your Gun

How Does Cleanliness Affect Your Gun?

How Does Cleanliness Affect Your Gun

There are a lot of advantages if you keep your gun clean. First of all, it affects the appearance of your gun. Cleaning your gun regularly will add an extra shine to your gun. Proper cleaning will not only give your gun a better outlook but also will make it perform better than before.

Secondly, the accumulation of dirt can cause your gun to malfunction. The inside of the gun can get obstructed, and sometimes can even cause problems like bullets not ejecting from the gun.

Also, if you don’t remove contaminants from your gun, your gun can soon become rusty. This can cause problems with accuracy as well.  And in severe cases, if the leftovers of bullets are not cleaned, then serious accidents can happen, caused by inaccurate shooting due to lack of cleaning.

That’s why you should clean your gun at least two times in a month.

What Happens If You Leave Your Gun Dirty?

What Happens If You Leave Your Gun Dirty

If you don’t clean your gun at all, then the dirt will slowly begin to build up inside the gun. As guns are made out of metal, any kind of moisture will initiate corrosion.

When you use any kind of ammo that’s corrosive, they can leave behind some salts in your gun. And if these salts are not cleaned, then it will gain moisture from the air and start the corrosion process.

Your gun can become rusty and can cause many severe damages.

Sometimes, parts inside the guns can also fuse with each other. This can change the whole configuration of your gun, making it more prone to misfire or malfunction.

As your gun is your self-defense option, you must be careful about its performance. Lack of cleaning will make your gun unpredictable and unreliable, which is the last thing anyone would want in case of an emergency.

What Happens If I Clean My Gun Too Often?

What Happens If I Clean My Gun Too Often?

During the cleaning process, you’re removing dirt and debris from your gun. So, each time you clean your clean, you are essentially getting rid of all the harmful things that can cause damage to your gun.

Therefore, there’s actually nothing wrong with cleaning your gun very often. Most problems usually occur when the gun is not being cleaned regularly.

But, if you do the cleaning incorrectly, then it can affect your gun in a negative way.

If the brush is too harsh, then it can cause scratches and small cuts on the surface of the gun. This in turn can damage the protective coat of your gun, and make it more vulnerable to corrosion.

Also, the rifling can wear away if you clean the barrel too often with harsh brush. This can reduce the overall performance.

If you use the wrong oil to clean your gun, then it can damage the frame and interior of the gun. Oftentimes, people use too much lubricant on their guns while cleaning. This is actually not a big issue, but you’ll need to wipe the excess oil to avoid any problems.

So, be careful and make sure that you’re doing the cleaning process in the right way.

How Can You Clean Your Gun?

How Can You Clean Your Gun?

First of all, you need to make sure that your gun is unloaded. This step is necessary to avoid any potential accidents.

Make sure that the area you are working in is well lit and well ventilated. Some chemicals can be too strong and the fumes coming from them can be harmful to the human body. Also, keep a trash bag nearby for convenience and protection.

Then, you may have to dissemble your gun, so you have access to every part of the gun. But how much you can open up your gun actually depends on the gun itself. So, make sure to read the user manual first.

The barrel is one of the main focuses. To clean that, use a bore brush, and dip it in a solvent. Then just pass through the brush several times on the dirty spots, and make sure to cover all the parts.

Then with a patch holder, clean the barrel and replace the patches if necessary. After that, you can use a nylon brush or even a toothbrush, to clean the other parts of your gun.

In the final step, use gun oil if there are any stubborn marks that won’t go away without scrubbing. This also helps remove rust from your gun.

Then just put all the parts back together, and your gun should be all clean!

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that you need to clean your gun regularly, ideally after every shooting session. Proper maintenance is required to keep your firearm working properly.

And if you can’t afford to spend much time, then at least try to clean your gun twice a month.

I hope by now, you know How Often Should You Clean Your Gun? A little cleaning session can do a lot for your gun, and can eventually make your expensive firearm last for a long time.

So be aware, make sure to keep your gun clean, and good luck!

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